ORGANIC FRUITS CHILE – Number 1 berries exporter Worldwide

The company Organic Fruits Chile is the leader, expert and number one exporter worldwide of organic raspberries. Our production of berries (raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, blueberries and mixes of berries) is focused on a qualitative and organic vision. Our brand strategy consists in emphasizing the traceability of our products and constantly maintain the quality of our berries getting through high standard certifications.

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OFC’s different fields

One of OFC’s distinction is that its exported fruits are cultivated in its own fields, each one certificated as organic by acknowledged international certificaters.  Efficient and professional management of every culture and fields density allows to achieve an excellent quality and efficiency.  The surface of our 10 fields is divided in 4 major farms:  Santa Amelia, Santa Elena, La Quinta and Chillinhue.

Las Mariposas 114,3 ha
Chillinhue 63,5 ha
Los Peumos 54,1 ha
Santa Elena 100,5 ha
La Quinta 93 ha
Santa Amelia 61,3 ha
El Maiten 35 ha
Collico 25 ha
Parcela 13 24 ha
El Porvenir 30 ha
TOTAL 600,7 ha

Photo Gallery of our patrimony of berries fields