ORGANIC FRUITS CHILE – Number 1 berries exporter Worldwide

The company Organic Fruits Chile is the leader, expert and number one exporter worldwide of organic raspberries. Our production of berries (raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, blueberries and mixes of berries) is focused on a qualitative and organic vision. Our brand strategy consists in emphasizing the traceability of our products and constantly maintain the quality of our berries getting through high standard certifications.

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Our methods of picking

The company Organic Fruits Chile always maintain the quality of its products. To reach this purpose, we constantly focus on keeping all the processes with the best technology. That’s the reason why OFC invested in the best picking machines to optimize its method of harvest to keep our berries at their full potential.

This technology allow us to gain time, to cover larger picking areas for a higher productivity, while in the meantime it respects the integrity of the berries. These machines allow us to complete the traditional handmade fruit-picking technique.

  • Gain of time

  • Improve rentability

  • Respect the berries

  • Optimize the methods of picking

  • Complete the hand-picking

  • Maintain OFC as a leader

Our Frozen Factory

Our IQF factory is located in the way to Coihueco, with a privileged proximity to production fields, in a way to assure the final consumer a high quality frozen product. OFC has the capacity to process and froze all of its production in the most modern and technological facilities. From the picking process to the packaging phase, the frozen step guarantees to offer our customers a constant and sustainable quality of our organic berries, until 24 months from elaboration date with proper Storage Conditions at temperature -18ºC.

The final products we process at OFC


Our Laboratory

The laboratory of OFC produces plants at a micro organic level, in an environment that allows its in vitro multiplication.  Plants are cultivated in nurseries and then transported to free of disease fields, therefore assuring high quality fruit to the clients.

At OFC we give a great importance to the Research & Development Department in order to provide sustainable and constant quality to our berries. It allows us to keep our production at its best potential of evolution.

This organic and innovative vision is the guarantee for OFC to stay the best leader and expert in berries production at an international scale.