ORGANIC FRUITS CHILE – Number 1 berries exporter Worldwide

The company Organic Fruits Chile is the leader, expert and number one exporter worldwide of organic raspberries. Our production of berries (raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, blueberries and mixes of berries) is focused on a qualitative and organic vision. Our brand strategy consists in emphasizing the traceability of our products and constantly maintain the quality of our berries getting through high standard certifications.

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Our customer’s vision & Satisfaction Policy

At Organic Fruits Chile, having an excellent relationship with our customers is essential. This is the reason why we always focus on our client’s satisfaction and we constantly try to win their loyalty. To achieve this objective, we emphasize the communication and our interaction at every step of the process of production. It also helps us to keep our leadership and our professional expertise on the market of berries at an international scale.

If you have any question, information request or if you want to order our berries, please contact us and send us your message and personal informations by filling the following form below and we will be pleased to reply to your request as soon as possible.



Robinson Peña de la Fuente

Office – Chile: (+56) 42 2452597

Fundo Santa Amelia, km 20, camino a Coihueco, Chile.

From Monday to friday, 8am – 7pm

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