ORGANIC FRUITS CHILE – Number 1 berries exporter Worldwide

The company Organic Fruits Chile is the leader, expert and number one exporter worldwide of organic raspberries. Our production of berries (raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, blueberries and mixes of berries) is focused on a qualitative and organic vision. Our brand strategy consists in emphasizing the traceability of our products and constantly maintain the quality of our berries getting through high standard certifications.

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Our company, Organic Fruits Chile, produces, processes and exports organic berries to international markets in North America, Europe and Asia. One of OFC’s advantages is our ability to manage the complete fruit chain process, from the development of in vitro plants, to the cultivation and export of our final products. Further more, by handling the entire fruit chain process in house, we are able to ensure that our meticulous protocols are properly carried out in each step. We attribute our success at delivering high quality products to our industry experience, which exceeds 22 years and our efficient cultivation management.

The proximity of OFC’s land to the processing factory guaranties our clients fresh products… as if they were just harvested!  Our fields are located 20 km from the city of Chillan, in the Coihueco area of Chile, near the Andes mountain range… an area that has the natural qualities that permit our berries to reach the level of ripeness and sweetness that are consistent with high quality berries.

Today, OFC handles more than 600 hectares of organic berries, which include raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries; in fact, we are currently the world’s largest organic raspberry producer, exporting an average of 5.600 tons of frozen fruit per year. During high season, we employ close to 2.000 workers from the local area.

Our history at OFC has had a particular aspect, full of undertaking, challenges and an organic vision which started as a business strategy, becoming the corporation policy.  Its owner, Mr. Robinson Peña, started this story in 1995, at the age of 15, with 0,5 ha he decided to rent, after saving enough money to that purpose.  After years of hard and constant work, not free of problems, at the year 2008 those hectareas and its fruits became OFC, a consolidated exporting company which cultivates organic berries, exported directly to markets located in USA, Canada, Europe and part of Asia.

His corporate vision allowed him to perceive that the international tendency pointed to organic cultivations, thus, international organic certifications guarantee his effort and self demand of fulfilling the highest standards.

Also social approach and the capacity of facing new challenges pointed out his successful corporative model and thanks to his field work knowledge he managed to achieve their co worker’s fidelity.  At OFC team work functions on a base of trust, and that’s part of its success.

Its labor has been internationally recognized with  awards such as “Líder del Sur” ( South Leader) in year 2010, awarded by El Sur Newspaper, in addition to several acknowledgements from schools, professional institutes and universities.  Today Mr. Peña is frequently required to give motivational coaching.

Our mission is to be an internationally recognized high quality organic fruit exporter. We raise the bar when it comes to quality by handling the entire fruit chain process in house, ensuring that all steps within the fruit cultivation and production processes are properly carried out, allowing us to secure multiple international certifications as well as 100% traceability of all our products.  We also want to make a positive impact on the local economy in Chillan, as we continue to be a large employer of local workers.

Today we focus on solidifying and transforming our objectives into pillars that form the foundation of our company… a company that will last in time, independent of its founders… a company that will always maintain that organic vision which lead to its formation and which serves as a business model for future entrepreneurs.


  • OFC’s philosophy is to maintain the EXCELLENCE in terms of QUALITY of our berries. We give a lot of importance to always provide the best to our customers. This is the reason why our berries are regularly tested and certified by the most prestigious CERTIFICATION COMPANIES which guarantee us to always focus on the best final product.

  • Our vision is oriented on the most natural processes for our chain of production, in order to provide ORGANIC berries to our customers that are not only recognized for their quality but also that the way we produce it is ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY and doesn’t harm nature.

  • OFC’s priority is to provide at any time of the processes of production and shipping of the berries the highest traceability to always maintain the quality of service at its best.